Case Study - Skillist

The brief

The local library desires to build a digitally inclusive community.

Design a product that will strengthen the library’s relationship with the community it serves.

Defining the problem

Ideation - 685 Sketches

Research to identify why people interacted with the library and their behaviours, goals and frustrations. Methods used:

Guerrilla Interviews

Affinity Mapping


Journey maps

Developing Concepts

The research showed there were many reasons to use the library. Key themes around social interaction and career development emerged which we focused on.

Paper Prototype

Final Prototype

An app to organise library-based resources by skill. Enabling those with specific training requirement to access all the library resources relevant to them more efficiently.

Future concepts to develop 

For our prototype we focused on more efficient access to career and training resources. The app could be developed further to meet more complex needs of the audience:

Different ways to navigate finding skills

User identified skill levels using a  test

My skills initial use, a course to learn the app

Developing community features (study buddy eg.)

My toolkit

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