👋 Hi there I’m a UX & Service designer, I trained at flatiron school in London. I’m inclusive, empathetic and like helping people achieve their goals using technology. 

As a designer I work in a human centred way, by carrying out research to understand the problem space and putting ideas (concepts & prototypes)  into the world to find out how people interact and feel about them.

I can help you design new digital tools and services or improve existing ones.

How I do this

Check out a few of my case studies to see how I approach design 

What’s it like to work alongside me?

“Observant,” “collaborative,” and “analytical,” are the words that come to mind when I think about Alex. I have collaborated with Alex on several design challenge workshops., Alex always showed up with energy and passion, ready to suggest ideas, offer help, and provide well thought out feedback to his peers.”

Sang Valte, Head Of Design at TigerSpike

Alex has a brilliant and clinical ability to keep the team focused on the correct narrative. “why is this important NOW?” Is a common question you’d hear him ask, and, “I don’t know - let’s test it” is a common answer you’d hear him give.  As a start up leader, one is being pulled in many different and often conflicting directions, and Alex adds huge value, amongst other ways, by charting and steering the ship.

Dror Levy, CEO at  LegalDrop

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