I have been designing digital experiences for the past 20 years for Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard and American Express. I have also worked in startups working as a product designer building greenfield apps. 



From paper prototyping to advanced Axure skils, I also use Sketch and Abstract. Designing prototypes and testing concepts.

Product Design

Building product roadmaps based on user requirements and business needs, Building a new project management solution for doctors to manage studies more efficiently over multiple locations. 

UX Strategy

Building design systems. considering the users journey at multiple touchpoints within the interaction with company and its products.  


Using a combination of domain research, quantitative and qualitative techniques, building research plans and interviewing users in a variety of locations. I am naturally analytical and collect information and can organise it to make sense of fragmented information. 

UX Design

Facilitating workshops and ideation sessions using a variety of tools and approaches, including process mapping, value stream mapping, journey maps, brute think & Six Hats. Qualified in Edward de Bonos Lateral Thinking techniques. 

Product Management

Delivering large scale multi-year projects with budgets of excess of $2.5m, defining complex project strategies and guiding interdisciplinary global teams using roadmaps and KPIs. I am a Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Lean Six Sigma practitioner.   

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